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The entire range of Lameplast Group containers can now be moulded in Bioplastic, made 100% from renewable source

Green single-doseThe future of packaging? It's green! And so is the future of marketing. After launching the first injection molded single-dose in Green Polyethylene (Bio PE), Lameplast Group is now able to offer a full range of bioplastic containers made from vegetal raw materials as an alternative to those made from oil-based plastic.


Using these new plastics, Lameplast Group is implementing many years of studies aimed at developing “BIO” materials. Based on initial positive feedback, the biopolymers can now be used to make single-dose and multidose containers for foodstuffs, cosmetics and personal care products.



Unlike traditional plastics, Green Polyethylene is not made from oil, but from ethanol obtained from sugar cane. The result is an unique product with the same technical characteristics, appearance and versatility as traditional fossil-based polyethylene, as well as many other benefits:

  1. Sustainable - Sugar cane crops used by Braskem for the production of Green Polyethylene fulfil highest sustainability standards defined in Braskem Code of Conduct.
  2. Renewable - Green Polyethylene is made from ethanol obtained from GMO-free sugar cane grown in Brazil, a renewable raw material.
  3. It helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - Sugar cane captures and holds CO2 from the atmosphere during every growth cycle, contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. 100% recyclable - At the end of its lifespan Green Polyethylene can be recycled in the same chains already developed for conventional PE.



The Bioplastic used by Lameplast Group is I'M GREEN™ POLYETHYLENE by Braskem distributed from FKuR Kunststoff GmbH.

I'm green

If you want to learn more about Green PE, Braskem and FKUR please follow the link to browse the official FKUR website.