A palette of colours for pharmaceutical plastic containers
Today, containers for pharmaceutical and medical use are coloured too. Lameplast Group offers a new possibility to personalize containers thanks to the use of safe pigments in compliance with the European Pharmacopoeia, 9th edition.

From the early months of 2019, six base colours will be available which, added to the plastic resins during the container moulding phase, will allow easily identifying the product. This innovation was developed by the Lameplast Group Research and Development laboratories to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies seeking solutions that allow patients to associate a package with a specific product without any difficulty. Thanks to the colour code, the pharmaceutical product will be recognizable at a glance by the box as well as the container. In the course of the year, the colour range will then be expanded offering further possibilities to personalize the product.

Lameplast manufactures single- and multi-dose plastic containers for pharmaceutical, diagnostic and veterinary products, CE marked medical devices, as well as products for personal care and cosmetics. The offer consists of a wide range of strips of 5 single-dose containers from 0.3 to 10 ml, vials from 5 to 30 ml with tamper evident or child resistant closure, vials and applicators for vaginal and rectal use, and the possibility to develop packaging tailored to the requirements of every customer.

This Lameplast Group novelty is brought to you thanks to the continuous research deployed by the company and the painstaking attention paid to product quality and safety. The Lameplast quality management system has been ISO 9001 certified since 1995. Furthermore, the company is a CE-marking holder for Class I medical devices. In order to ensure maximum safety, the entire production is carried out in Class ISO 7 (Class 10,000) and ISO 8 (Class 100,000) controlled contamination environments according to ISO 14644-1 and the quality control laboratory carries out rigorous testing on the entire line.
Lameplast launches a new bottle for ophthalmic products:
The bottle compatible with Aptar's OSD
Lameplast’s offer of containers for ophthalmic use continues to grow. In order to make the use of ophthalmic formulations even more practical and efficient, the company situated in Rovereto sulla Secchia has created a 10ml plastic bottle compatible with Aptar’s OSD (Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser) device.

The OSD is today widely used for ophthalmic products intended for the treatment of eye dryness or other chronic diseases such as glaucoma. The easy-to-use device is a state-of-the-art solution that allows eliminating preservatives, often blamed for causing eye allergies and irritations in sensitive subjects or who have to use eye drops for long periods of time or treatments. This new bottle is made of pharmaceutical-grade PE, sterilized by gamma ray and is available in a neutral colour and soon also in white.

LameplastGroup thinks about the container but also about the content. In fact, thanks to the know-how of COC Farmaceutici, the Group can offer a complete service for production, filling and packaging of preservative-free solutions for ocular use in OSD. What’s more, the company manufactures CE-marked medical devices for ophthalmic use to satisfy the most diverse needs and offers a catalogue of products – in single- and multi-dose plastic containers, OSD bottles and preservative-free spray bottles - ready for distribution. One single supplier that offers concrete, effective and technologically advanced responses.
Scientific article on Cross Linked Hyaluronic Acid
On 30 November 2017, the journal MDPI published an article entitled “Novel Artificial Tears Containing Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid: An In Vitro Re-Epithelialization Study “ written by Arianna Fallacara (1), Silvia Vertuani (1),, Giacomo Panozzo (2), Alessandra Pecorelli (3), Giuseppe Valacchi (3) and Stefano Manfredini (1). Thanks to the important collaboration with the authors of the publication, COC Farmaceutici has launched Hyalucross, a new eye drop based on the cross-linked hyaluronic acid object of the article.

Hyalucross is a sterile solution for ophthalmic use manufactured by COC Farmaceutici that contains the cross-linked hyaluronic acid object of the research. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid gives a high level of hydration and persistence on the eye surface, able to promote a higher tear film stability and protects the corneal surface. The product is used for its lubricating, prolonged moisturizing and reparative actions able to give relief to dry, sore or tired eyes and also as an adjuvant in case of inflammatory reactions. Suitable for everyday use and evening.

Hyalucross is CE marked and can be directly marketed all through EU countries and also overseas subject to local registration, in single dose and multi-dose plastic containers, including ophthalmic preservative-free bottles.

Read the full article

The photo shows an example of possible customization.

(1) Department of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Master Course in Cosmetic Science and Technology (COSMAST), University of Ferrara, Via L. Borsari 46, 44121 Ferrara, Italy
(2) Ophthalmology Unit, Azienda ULSS n.22, 37012 Bussolengo, Italy
(3) Department of Animal Sciences, Plants for Human Health Institute, North Carolina State University, NC Research Campus, 600 Laureate Way, Kannapolis, NC 28081, USA
Lameplast Group presents Pentafill A25: the latest technologies and innovations for sterile filling.
Increasingly dedicated and appealing products, increasingly diversified services. The Lameplast Group is the corporate embodiment of the single dose units. Not only can the Lameplast Group boast an original pack, but also innovative filling technologies, now specifically conceived for sterile filling.

Top of the range is the brand-new model Pentafill A25 presented in November 2017. It is an automatic filling and sealing machine specifically designed to work in a sterile environment, capable of processing single-dose capacities from 0.3 ml to 10 ml for medium production runs. Versatility is a key feature of this machine, as matter of fact it can be easily connected to any existing packaging line. Moreover it is suitable for small rooms and very easy to maintain. It could incorporate a laminar flow system to ensure sterile filling during operation, as in the new Pentafill A15L.

The Group can today offer its customers seven types of semi-automatic or automatic single-dose units filling and sealing machines, ideal for small and medium productions. All seven models are available in a standard version but may also be adapted and customised as desired. Thanks to its high technological knowhow and the possibility of tailor-made solutions, Lameplast group can satisfy the needs of demanding customers worldwide.

Lameplast Group awarded in London
November 10th, 2017
A prestigious "trip" for the Lameplast Group in London on November 10th, 2017. Italian Embassy held the event “Triple I, Italian Imaginative Innovator”: a presentation of four excellent Italian companies including Lameplast Group. The event was organized by the Italian Embassy in London coordinated with ambassador Pasquale Q. Terracciano and Global Strategy, a strategic and financial consulting company founded and led by Antonella Negri-Clementi.

The PMI Observatory of Global Strategy analyzes the financial statements and data of many Italian companies by selecting those that have exceeded the industry average over the last five years in more than ten strict economic and financial parameters. Lameplast Group, once again is synonymous of excellence.

Lameplast launches new single-dose strip with large area closing system
A new single-dose that allows storing an extensive amount of information. This is the latest breakthrough from Lameplast Group which, to cater to new market demands and increasingly more stringent international regulations, is launching its single-dose strip with even more space at disposal for printing and for the inclusion of product information.

In Europe and the USA, new regulations do in fact require product information on each individual container in addition to those commonly indicated on the pack and/or package inserts. A way of increasing product safety, making it always recognizable, even when each container is stored outside its pack.

The evolution of the single-dose strip, the highly innovative container created by Lameplast, therefore continues. Thanks to its 40 years of experience and on-going technological research, the company has developed a new patented and large area closing system offering easy-to-read information without affecting practicality and ease of use of the single-dose dispensing system.

The major new features:
• large area on both sides of the cap able to accommodate a large amount of information (composition, dosage, expiry date and/or other instructions for use);
• possibility of applying on each individual single dose unit a Data Matrix or QR Code label according anti-counterfeiting directives;
• broad range of possible customizations: labels, embossed text, pad or ink-jet printing;
• the two sides of the cap can be personalized using two different methods (e.g., label on one side and embossed text on opposite side) to meet all marketing requirements;
• maximum product protection: no risk of ink or adhesive migration through the plastic;
• ergonomic design to ensure the same features as the standard single-dose strips (practicality, hygiene, ease of opening and use);
• volumetric space requirements reduced by 20% compared to containers having same containment capacity; • the reduced volume of the single-dose provides big storage cost savings.
• broad range of uses for pharmaceutical products, medical devices, diagnostics, cosmetics, veterinary products, foods and food supplements.

Fratelli Carli’s Mediterranea brand chooses Lameplast Group’s green single-dose for its new “Olive” line

The future of packaging is looking increasingly greener and more practical. That’s why Fratelli Carli’s Mediterranea brand has chosen the Lameplast Group’s injection-molded single-dose container in Green Polyethylene (Bio PE) for its new “Olive” cosmetic line.

For the brand, the company has produced a strip of five x 10 ml white single-dose re-closable containers, printed with bioplastics of vegetable origin and personalized with pad printing. This is a travel kit with five products: tonic milk, multi-active face cream, active hand cream, moisturizing body fluid and bath cream.

The new Mediterranea “Olive” line combines Fratelli Carli experience with the excellent cosmetic properties of the Olive tree and its extracts to present immediately absorbable products, pleasantly sensorial with effective anti-age action. Nature gives beauty a hand but demands respect. That’s why the Mediterranea brand has decided to present its products, formulated with strictly natural ingredients, in an ecological pack able to reflect sustainability and respect for nature. The strip, the upshot of years of research by the Lameplast Group into green, sustainable, renewable and recyclable packaging, is in fact made from sugarcane ethanol and not from petroleum. Today, the Lameplast Group is able to present an entire range of bioplastic containers. Biopolymers can now be used to make single and multi-dose containers, for food, cosmetic and personal-care products.



Why use bioplastics?

Benefits for the environment, benefits for your company’s “green” projects. Unlike traditional plastics, Green Polyethylene is not obtained from petroleum, but from sugarcane ethanol. The result? A singular plastic, with the same technical specifications, appearance and versatility as traditional polyethylene, but with many other strong points:

  1. It is sustainableThe sugar cane crops used to make Green Polyethylene comply with the very highest sustainability standards defined in the Braskem Code of Conduct.

  2. It is renewable – Green Polyethylene is made from ethanol produced from “non-GMO” sugar cane grown in Brazil, a renewable raw material.

  3. It cuts greenhouse gas emissions – Sugar cane traps the CO2 in the atmosphere at each growth cycle, thus helping to reduce the negative effects of greenhouse gases

  4. It is 100% recyclable – Green Polyethylene is recyclable in the same recycle chains as traditional polyethylene obtained from fossil sources.

The Bioplastic used by Lameplast Group is Braskem I’M GREENTM POLYETHYLENE, distributed by FKuR Kunststoff GmbH

Lameplast, 40 years of research and innovation
On 27 May, the company celebrated its anniversary with the authorities, international clients and employees in Rovereto sulla Secchia
On Friday 27 May, Lameplast celebrated its first 40 years with a big event attended by its founding partners – Giovanni Ferrari, Evro Fabbri and Antonio Fontana –, the authorities, employees and a number of international clients at its headquarters in Rovereto sulla Secchia. The event was an opportunity to remember the birth of the company, an experience that, thanks to the entrepreneurship of its founding partners, Giovanni Ferrari, Evro Fabbri and Antonio Fontana, has led to the innovation and excellence of Made in Italy around the world.


The morning began with an opening address by the Chairman of Lameplast, followed by speeches from the Chairman of the Region Stefano Bonaccini, the mayor of Novi di Modena Luisa Turci, the Chairman of Confindustria Modena Valter Caiumi and the mayor of Sant’Agata Bolognese Giuseppe Vicinelli.




We were founded 40 years ago,” said Ferrari, “and this is a very important day for us. We are celebrating a history that I am proud to share with my partners and with all of our staff. It has been four years since the earthquake and today we can safely say that we dealt with that difficult time very well: production resumed just one month after the quake and we continued to believe that we would go on to grow further.”


The Chairman of the Region, Bonaccini, spoke specifically of the ability of Emilian companies to bounce back. “The 2012 earthquake,” he said, “struck tens of thousands of homes, churches, schools, public buildings and industrial premises. It was the first economic earthquake in Italy's history: never had so many businesses been hit in a single territory. I believe that Lameplast has been the ‘plastic demonstration’ of two things: firstly, it showed that a small company founded in the region was able to be the figurehead for what have been called the Emilia-Romagna miracle companies, and secondly it has been able to continue to keep its ties to the region, to do business well, and to demonstrate excellence not just here but around the world.”


The authorities then visited the Lameplast plant, where the famous single-dose pharmaceutical container was first designed. The day continued with a lunch event at Villa Tagliata (Mirandola), where guests saw a film commemorating Lameplast's 40 years in business and heard a speech from the Chairman of Farmindustria contract manufacturing group, Giorgio Bruno.

Future and innovation: Lameplast Group opens up to Aksìa investors
Private equity fund enters Group: an important choice to extend the company's project around the world
To face the challenges of the future and make a qualitative leap on a global scale, Lameplast Group grows stronger with the entry of private equity fund Aksìa Group SGR, which has acquired 100% of the Group. The acquisition covers the three companies, Lameplast, COC Farmaceutici and the subsidiary LF of America, the overseas division based in Miami.

An important step to give a further boost to the Group, which now has even greater growth prospects capable of embracing the entire globe, but it is also a choice in line with the entrepreneurial values the Modena-based company has always advocated. The founding partners, Giovanni Ferrari, Evro Fabbri and Antonio Fontana, maintain their positions on the company's board of directors. Lameplast Group's courage, tenacity and ability to anticipate future necessities continue to guide it towards ever-greater projects that will spread its know-how and Made in Italy excellence around the world.
Lameplast celebrates its first 40 years and lays plans for future innovation
From Rovereto sulla Secchia to the international market, since 1976 the Group's growth has not been stopped even by an earthquake. It now celebrates four decades in business.
1976-2016: Lameplast is preparing to celebrate 40 years in business, four decades of research and innovation on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. It is planning a large event designed to tell the story of a company that has continued to invest in the future, despite the economic downturn and the damage incurred by the 2012 earthquake.

Today the group, the only one on the Italian pharmaceutical market capable of providing a comprehensive service from container to finished product, boasts four production plants, including one in the US, and 300 employees. Founded in the Modena area in 1976 by Giovanni Ferrari, the Group's current Chairman, and partners Evro Fabbri and Antonio Fontana, Lameplast has revolutionised the market with the invention of the single-dose container for the ophthalmic sector and has grown into a group.

Lameplast Group has never wanted to leave its home territory, with the conviction that success will always come from one place and one tradition. The Emilian spirit, determination, and goal sharing by employees have always played an essential role in the company's growth. Lameplast is celebrating its first 40 years and preparing for a year of new challenges.

Lameplastgroup gets the GOST-R Certificate of Conformity for Single-dose Units in Russia
The Russian market is now open for Lameplast Group.The Group has recently received the GOST-R Certificate of Conformity for single-dose units.

GOST-R certification is a document attesting that a product meet the regulations and standards for customs clearance and trading in Russia. GOST-R certification is a mandatory requirement for a wide range of products and industrial equipment.

This represents a real benefit for Lameplast Group, the first step to export to Russia the single-dose containers and our integrated services.
Weekly magazine Panorama dedicates an article to Lameplast Group
Interview with Chairman Giovanni Ferrari

Issue 42 of Panorama, dated 21 October 2015, featured an article on the Lameplast Group. “A flick of the wrist, a little pressure and the single-dose drug pack opens with a single hand”. This is the opening line of the interview (entitled “Monodose di successo” [Successful single-dose]) with Giovanni Ferrari, Chairman of the Group set to celebrate 40 years in business in 2016. Ferrari tells how the Group – which has a turnover of 50 million Euros, 290 employees, 3 plants and 45 production lines – has succeeded in constantly growing thanks to ongoing innovation. “And to think that it all began almost 50 years ago,” Ferrari tells Panorama, “when the company I was working for closed and I started making machinery for the pharmaceutical sector”. “Then,” continues Ferrari, “I discovered that pharmaceutical companies needed packaging in a controlled contamination area, but no one was catering to that demand back then”. And after 40 years in the business and millions of containers sold around the world, what will the next innovation be? “An innovative barrier effect material,” concludes Ferrari.

Read full article
New CE Marked Medical Devices for distribution
Presented at CPHI Worldwide 2015, Madrid, 13-15 October

A busy autumn for Lameplast Group began at CPHI Worldwide (Madrid, 13-15 October 2015) with its presentation of a new portfolio packed with new products.

New products for rectal and vaginal use developed in collaboration with specialists are available. Both products are medical devices, contain natural substances, are free from pharmacological active substances, parabens and fragrances and are available in handy, hygienic single-dose containers capable of ensuring safe, correct application.

New eye formulations are designed to alleviate problems linked to reddening, burning or dry eyes. All products can be distributed and customised by the client. Cutting-edge production plants guarantee maximum production flexibility.

Download catalogues


Lameplast Group unites its forces to tackle every challenge Chairman Ferrari: “Together we can fill the future”
Ahead of the group's 40th anniversary, directors and staff came together at a large convention at Villa Fondo Tagliata in Mirandola to share objectives and results

Mirandola (Modena), 11th May 2015 – A convention to gather energies and build the future together. On Saturday 9th May, at Villa Fondo Tagliata in Mirandola, Lameplast Group brought its directors and its entire staff together to look to the future, share objectives and the successes of almost 40 years of projects and activities based on innovation and quality. These results have been made possible thanks to teamwork and an ability to share perspectives and results.


The convention opened with a film depicting the history of the group, immediately followed by a speech from Chairman Giovanni Ferrari, who spoke of how a small provincial company gradually came to make a name for itself on the international market. It all began on 1st January 1976 and much progress has been made since then.

Today Lameplast Group can ensure comprehensive, flexible and integrated service worldwide for the preparation, filling and packaging ofpharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics, from the design of a new container to the finished product. 


Just a few months ahead of the 40th anniversary, Ferrari also spoke about the key to being able to do business on an increasingly difficult and global market, about how fundamental sharing and cohesion within the group are: “Together we can fill the future,” he said, “When future challenges arise, we must be united and think of ourselves as a team”.

Lameplast now has 290 employees and some of them – aside from founders Giovanni Ferrari, Evro Fabbri and Antonio Fontana – have worked for the group for over 30 years.


Next to speak was group Marketing manager Barbara Reguzzoni, who presented the key figures of the three companies (Lameplast spa, Coc farmaceutici and LF of America) and thanked the office staff and shop floor workers for their commitment: “These people,” she said as images of the staff appeared on screen, “are the driving force and energy behind Lameplast”. 

Watch the video

The entire range of Lameplast Group containers can now be moulded in Bioplastic, made 100% from renewable source

Green single-doseThe future of packaging? It's green! And so is the future of marketing. After launching the first injection molded single-dose in Green Polyethylene (Bio PE), Lameplast Group is now able to offer a full range of bioplastic containers made from vegetal raw materials as an alternative to those made from oil-based plastic.


Using these new plastics, Lameplast Group is implementing many years of studies aimed at developing “BIO” materials. Based on initial positive feedback, the biopolymers can now be used to make single-dose and multidose containers for foodstuffs, cosmetics and personal care products.



Unlike traditional plastics, Green Polyethylene is not made from oil, but from ethanol obtained from sugar cane. The result is an unique product with the same technical characteristics, appearance and versatility as traditional fossil-based polyethylene, as well as many other benefits:

  1. Sustainable - Sugar cane crops used by Braskem for the production of Green Polyethylene fulfil highest sustainability standards defined in Braskem Code of Conduct.
  2. Renewable - Green Polyethylene is made from ethanol obtained from GMO-free sugar cane grown in Brazil, a renewable raw material.
  3. It helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - Sugar cane captures and holds CO2 from the atmosphere during every growth cycle, contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. 100% recyclable - At the end of its lifespan Green Polyethylene can be recycled in the same chains already developed for conventional PE.



The Bioplastic used by Lameplast Group is I'M GREEN™ POLYETHYLENE by Braskem distributed from FKuR Kunststoff GmbH.

I'm green

If you want to learn more about Green PE, Braskem and FKUR please follow the link to browse the official FKUR website.

A new formula with a high concentration of sodium hyaluronate available in private label
In response to market demands, Coc Farmaceutici has developed a new formulation with a high concentration of sodium hyaluronate providing rapid relief for dry, irritated or tired eyes. The product can be licensed for distribution and can be customised with the customer's name of choice and branding.

Available in 0.5 ml recloseable single dose units or in 10 ml preservative free bottles.

Lameplast Group and Acticospack in TG2 Dossier
A report was broadcast on May 17 describing the milestones of the project and the role of Lameplast alongside five other companies and two research centers in Europe

On 30 May 2012, Lameplast Group participated by telephone in a meeting to define the strategy of the project "Acticospack". It was not possible to go to Brussels the day after a strong earthquake that had severely damaged the plant in Rovereto, Italy.


That quick reaction allowed the company to stay within Acticospack project, as described on May 17 in a TG2 Dossier report dedicated to Europe.


Available on the YouTube channel of Lameplast Group, the service briefly describes the main stages of the project Acticospack, that focuses in the development of active packaging solutions for reducing the levels of preservatives in the cosmetics and it is based on the interaction between the package and the cosmetic product: the cosmetic preservatives are included into the package and released into the product progressively.


TG2 Dossier: Lameplast Group and the Acticospack project

Innovative Single-Dose Units
5-vial strip with competitive price and low environmental impact
Lameplast always one step ahead in the process technology innovation
Lameplast increases the level of technology in the production of single-dose units in the pharmaceutical sector: to satisfy the ever increasing demands of high level quality from the market, Lameplast Group has developed a real time automatic monitoring of the production process. The project was judged a Case History and published on page 6 of the magazine Hunstsoffe International, in the June issue.

Read the full article.
The number of ophthalmic products packed in preservative-free device OSD Aptar Pharma) is growing
Lameplast Group is a member of Acticospack: a project consortium to reduce or eliminate preservatives in cosmetics using packaging technology
Preservatives are used nowadays in a large number of cosmetic products (but also in food and pharmaceutical products). The most used are the parabens which are currently under revision in Europe. As consequence of evaluations of the existing safety data, the European Scientific Committees have recommended the reduction of the actual allowed contents and probably some of them will be restricted or forbidden in the cosmetic legislation in the near future.
In addition, there is a clear new trend of the consumers towards more natural products because of the negative publicity around parabens and other synthetic preservatives. All these needs have motivated the birth of the consortium named ACTICOSPACK.
ACTICOSPACK project consortium is based on a group of 5 SMEs, with expertise in cosmetics manufacture and packaging production, including Lameplast Group. Two research centres are involved in the project providing specific research capabilities. The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA-Research Executive Agency, focused to promote excellence in research and innovation
The project focuses in the development of active packaging solutions for reducing the levels of preservatives in the cosmetics with the same guarantees of quality and safety. The active packaging technology is based on the interaction between the package and the cosmetic product: the cosmetic preservatives are included into the package and released into the product progressively. This innovative technology will allow a significant reduction of the content of preservatives in the cosmetic products with an increase of the shelf life.?
The project is focused in the development of active packages based on PET , PP or HDPE for sun lotions, skin care creams and shampoo but the results obtained can be also applied in pharmaceutical and food industries.
Video made to remember Earthquake damage
May 29, 2013

One year after the terrible earthquakes that hit Emilia Romagna, Lameplast Group employees have decided to remember that time by making a video dedicated to the territory and to all the people living in it.

The workers at Lameplast's Rovereto facility in Novi di Modena – heavily damaged by both earthquakes – took determined action from the outset, putting themselves at the company's disposal for every decision taken. The choice enabled the group to restart and guarantee already ordered supplies to customers.

One year on, the time has come to stop, reflect and remember. The video shows the full extent of the damage, but also draws attention to the determination of the local community to get back on its feet. The whole group wanted to support the reconstruction by publishing it both on the company's video channel and its website.

Watch the video.

Lf of America and Cosmetic Solutions Offers New Services in USA
LF of America Corp, part of the Lameplast Group, which is based in USA, will now be offering new services to its customers due to its new alliance with Cosmetic Solutions LLC, based in Boca Raton, FL.

Cosmetic Solutions LLC, based in Boca Raton, FL, will now be offering new turnkey services to its customers due to its new alliance with LF of America Corp.
“We are thrilled and excited to be partnering with LF of America. Their expertise in unitdose packaging will allow us to add an additional level of service to our clients as well as expand both of our footprints in the industry,” said Mervyn Becker, president/CEO, Cosmetic Solutions.

The partnership will expand the presence and services of both companies, and provide unrivaled capabilities including the centralization of production, packaging, specialized filling and container distribution into the private label branding service and OEM contract manufacturing. Cosmetic Solutions will also offer a fully functional ISO 8 Clean Room in its new production facility in Boca Raton that includes over 2,500 square feet of workspace.

Diego Bulgarelli, sales manager, LF of America Corp. commented, "For years we have been looking for the right strategy to consolidate the presence of unit-dose packaging in the US market. We finally found in Cosmetic Solutions, the perfect partner to approach the personal care industry with turnkey solutions.”
Lameplast Group with Farmindustria at Pharmintech 2013
Strategic synergy between drugs companies and the third-party sector to respond to the crisis
April 22, 2013

124 thousand staff, equal to those employed in the textile industry, 64 thousand of which are highly qualified, and first place, among the Italian industrial sectors, for intensity of Research & Development; second in Europe only to Germany for output capacity, and 40% of companies with Italian capital; 2.4 billion annual investment in technological and research facilities; 67% exports out of a production of 26 billion, and 174 factories in the territory.

This is the situation described by Farmindustria at the meeting entitled “Production of Value. The drugs industry: a heritage that Italy cannot afford to lose”, held on 18th April at Pharmintech 2013. The meaning of this choice is clear: Italy needs to focus on pharmaceuticals and its allied industries in order to emerge from the crisis (allied industries alone employ approximately 60 thousand people and exports account for up to 95% of production).

Among the company representatives operating in allied industries for third parties, Giovanni Ferrari, Chairman of Lameplast Group (see photo), also took part in the debate: “Technology, know-how, skill and quality service are the characteristics of excellence coming from the third-party sector in Italy: it is a heritage of great value that must be safeguarded.”

The press release from Farmindustria also specifies: “The pharmaceutical industry is at one with its hi-tech allied industries. Technology is the glue holding together the drugs companies and those producing machines, vials, blisters and everything required for their industrial operations.” The results achieved by the pharmaceutical industry, underlines Farmindustria, are due in part to the allied industries. They form a network that has a higher value than that of the two separate entities. Allied industries, with their hi-tech solutions, represent a key part of the excellence offered by drugs companies, thanks to their ability to form networks and their international competitiveness.
18 July 2012
Lameplastgroup took part in an initiative created by the advertising agency Hic Adv of Reggio Emilia that has developed a website in support of earthquake-hit areas (visit the website).

"Terra Ferma" is a space to tell the companies that pick themselves up and their "stories of ordinary reconstruction", in order to provide opportunities for discussion, suggestions or ideas.
Where businessmen and workers react to the earthquake with the strength of ideas.
28 June 2012
A month after the terrible earthquake that shook our area causing considerable damage and loss of life, the Lameplast Group is proud to announce that it is back on board and starting up production again.

Manufacturing facilities is fully operative in all departments, while repairs and consolidation works on remaining service buildings to ensure all our personnel thoroughly safe work conditions are still under way and will soon be completed.

Lameplast’s President, Giovanni Ferrari, has declared: “We’ll come out of this on top, as always. We’ve no intention of quitting this area, which can rightly claim to be Emilia’s economic and social power-house. We’re confidently committed to this territory and to our collaborators, who bravely stuck it out even when the going got really tough and trying. Our customers have equally proven to deserve all our best efforts to fully satisfy their requests, as they have continued to accord us their preference as their number one strategic partner, despite the tragic events”.
Moday, June 4th 2012

As you probably know, last Tuesday, May 29th, our region was affected by another earthquake which unfortunately had very serious consequences for the territory.

However, we would like to assure all customers and suppliers that LameplastGroup personnel and their families are in good conditions.

The production facility of COC Farmaceutici in Sant'Agata Bolognese currently operates at full capacity and has not undergone any type of damage being located at 40 km from the epicenter of the quake: in this case you can contact all the usual phone numbers - as regards Lameplast
and the Health and Beauty Division of COC, some of our corporate buildings have been damaged. In this case we have already started restructuring and consolidating actions to restore safe working conditions for all employees. Fortunately, the productive zone-level equipment, and laboratory environments has not been affected but the priority is the safety of all employees, for which the works of consolidation cannot be ignored. For this reason, Lameplast foresees about 3 weeks of manufacturing shutdown which will generate delays with respect to our scheduled deliveries.

The above mentioned stop will therefore also affect the production of COC Farmaceutici whose deliveries over the next two months are subject to some delays.

During the upcoming weeks we will inform you with greater accuracy about specific open orders and shipping dates. For more information please contact us by e-mail or phone at 0039.059.673911

We take this opportunity to thank all those who have got in touch with us in these days to show their friendship.

The Management

Innovative technology developed by Lameplast Group enables the use of different plastics within a single-dose pack. For when one layer is just not enough.
Glass, Glam, Soft touch, Steam-proof, Total-block, Eco: this is the new team of multi-layer strips developed by Lameplast Group, at the very cutting edge of single-dose containers. After several years’ research, our R&D labs are finally able to exploit different plastics (including polyethylene and polypropylene) and combine them with other plastic polymers.

The multi-layer opens interesting new opportunities for displaying and protecting pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and medical devices. Unlike conventional single-layer strips, multi-layer packs have an outer layer - and an intermediate one if necessary - in addition to the inner layer in contact with the product. Each layer can be chosen based on specific marketing requirements, for example to increase barrier properties, to improve single-dose compressibility or simply to play with the colours without interfering with the contents.

Currently available in 1 ml and 3 ml non-reclosable strips of 5 single-dose, the new Lameplast containers are suitable for containing any type of product, liquids, creams or gels. The shape of the single-dose and the thickness of the layers can be further customised. Production is carried out in a class 100,000 (particles/ft³) at rest - 3,520,000 (particles/m³) in operational clean room, ISO 8 (in accordance with UNI-EN-ISO 14644-1). Rigorous checks are conducted throughout the process to ensure the customary level of quality multiplied over three layers. 

Six different possibilities for storing and displaying your product
- Glass: highly transparent to enhance the contents.
- Glam: customisable with standard or fashion colours (colour applied to outer layer only to prevent contact with the product).
- Soft touch: ultra-soft and pleasing to touch, easily compressed for total emptying of contents.
- Steam-proof: made from materials resistant to autoclave sterilisation (121°C for 20 minutes), without compromising the compressibility of the single-dose.
- Total-block: designed for products requiring a high level of protection. Excellent barrier against water vapour and gasses: a valid alternative to aluminium pouches.
- Eco: strips with reduced environmental impact designed for natural or organic products. Made with an outer layer of recycled plastic and an inner layer of top quality virgin PE in contact with the product; matt colour on outer layer for attractive aesthetic effect.

Lameplast Group extends its range of services with fully-automated lines
Among the first industrial concerns to experiment and mass produce injection single-dose containers, Lameplast Group has chosen to grow placing the onus on the single-dose plastic container, an evolved and personalizable packaging capable to guaranteeing the content purity and freshness without the use of preservatives.

Since 2012, to further expand the service offered, a brand-new plant for sterile products has been opened. It is equipped with completely automated single-dose sterile high productivity filling and packaging lines and can accommodate up to 6 fully automated lines. The eco-friendly department has been built according to the best process technologies available for energy saving and for reducing the environmental impact to a minimum.

Operating according to GMPs and certified ISO 13485 COC Farmaceutici is an evolved contract manufacturer capable of creating various types of single-dose packging products for sterile medical devices and personal care products. It guarantees the same levels of quality and saferty of the pharmaceutical products, all to the advantage of the quality of processes and products.

Lameplast Group may provide all-comprehensive service for contract manufacturing along with a complete line of ophthalmic CE-marked medical devices for private labelling in EU and non-EU countries. At the same time a qualified R&D department will support its customers from the start-up concept to the finished product, from tailor-made containers to regulatory assistance. Choose the advantages of a comprehensive service.
Lameplastgroup has joined the Enzo Ferrari House Foundation and Museum in Modena, Italy
Opening of Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari, Saturday 10th March
The project of the Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari of Modena has entered the home straight and its public inauguration has been set for 10 March 2012.

The museum complex started from the restoration of the house in which Enzo Ferrrari was born in Modena in 1898, and that has preserved through the years both the living quarters and the workshop. A new building has been added to this in the form of a yellow aluminium “bonnet” whose colour is the symbol of the city of Modena and the colour chosen by Enzo Ferrari as the background to the Prancing Horse, the trademark of the company that bears his name.

The Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari is a prestigious work of contemporary architecture that carries the signature of Future Systems of London, formerly headed by the great architect Jan Kaplicky. For the city of Modena Enzo Ferrari is an international icon. Passion and creativity, research, innovation, courage and challenges; these are the key words that emerge from his life and that are at the root of the Myth who made Modena and Maranello capitals of a dream come true.

The LameplastGroup, to celebrate the great prestige of this international icon decided to join the Foundation Enzo Ferrari and its logo was placed permanently at the entrance of the museum house.

The Enzo Ferrari House Museum is located in Via Paolo Ferrari, 85, in Modena, Italy.

For further information: Fondazione Casa Natale Enzo Ferrari Web-site and Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari web-site
New Certification for Cosmetic Products
Ecocert Greenlife France Certification for the Health & Beauty division of C.O.C. Farmaceutici
More and more cosmetics firms are now attracted by the idea of producing Natural or Organic products. In many cases, the decision to launch a natural or organic cosmetic product is a strategic choice, related not only to the item’s actual characteristics but also to the retail channels and image the company wants to develop. As a highly-experienced contract manufacturer, C.O.C. Health & Beauty has approached this trend with a great sense of responsibility.

COC Farmaceutici Health & Beauty Division has been certified by Ecocert Greenlife France for manufacturing and packing of cosmetic products in agreement with the Natural and Organic Cosmetic Products Standard. The award of Ecocert Greenlife France certification is an important step on the path to quality, and one that validates the efforts made by the Lameplast Group over the past twenty years to develop its products and processes, also in France.

“Our approach to the world of cosmetics is to use the same production criteria we use in the pharmaceutical domain”, explains Federica Rossi, Technical Manager of C.O.C.’s Health & Beauty division. “The production processes are different, but the way C.O.C. Health & Beauty approaches them is identical. Also, the certification represents a real benefit in terms of the process and product quality offered to our French clients”.
Lameplastgroup Official Sponsor of Liu-Jo Volley in the A1 Italian Championship, 2011/2012

Lameplastgroup announcing a sponsorship deal with Liu-Jo Volleyball Team for the 2011/2012 season in A1 Championship and Italian Cup. Here the declaration made by Giovanni Ferrari President of Lameplastgroup "We are honored to be associated to one of the most important clubs in Italy; I would like to wish Liu-Jo Volley good luck for the upcoming games they have to play and hopes they will do well in the other competitions they are facing". The championship will begin on October 9.
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