Quality and Environment
Lameplast - Unfailing commitment to quality
Lameplast’s Quality System has been certified according to ISO 9001 Standard since 1995. The company is also the holder of CE mark for Medical Device in Class I. All manufacturing process are carried out in a controlled contamination environment according to Class ISO 7 (ex class 10.000) and ISO 8 (ex class 100.000) - ISO standard 14644-1, while rigorous tests and inspections are carried out Lameplast’s Quality Control Department on the entire manufacturing line.
Coc farmaceutici – Aiming for quality means making the right choice every time
COC Farmaceutici processes pharmaceuticals under permit by the Italian Ministry of Health and according to European GMP guidelines and ISO Standards. In-house production  management procedures and work organisation in general all clearly witness to strategic consideration for process and product quality maintenance and improvement. COC Farmaceutici HEALTH & BEAUTY Division’s Quality System has been certified according to ISO 13485 for the manufacturing of medical devices and according to ISO 22716 for manufacturing of cosmetics. All the production process are done in controlled contamination areas and are guaranteed by the experience acquired from more than twenty years of collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry. 
More respect for the environment
For many years, the Lameplast Group has been working to raise the awareness of environmental and energy-saving issues in its business practices. This philosophy has translated into a real commitment to minimising the direct impact of its operations on the environment, for example through the separation and recycling of waste, by improving the insulation of its buildings, and by gradually replacing production equipment with new energy-saving models. Lameplast also chooses its suppliers carefully, giving preference to those located nearer to its site, who use recycled or recyclable packaging and have a sound environmental policy. The new filling department for sterile products  opened in 2012, has been built according to the best process technologies available for energy saving and designed to have a low environmental impact.
Code of Ethics

Lameplast and all its subsidiaries share common values, which over time have reinforced the Group’s identity, projecting it towards sustainable growth with a view to responsible, long-term development. The Lameplast Group has always been committed to innovation and to making constant improvements in terms of the quality, environmental and social impact of its business. All Lameplast's activities are based on a Code of Ethics, shared with all the Group’s stakeholders and inspired by the principles of loyalty, fairness, honesty, integrity, transparency, fair competition, respect for intellectual property and privacy, equal opportunities when dealing with suppliers and agents, and sustainable growth. The Lameplast Group guarantees and protects safety in the workplace, values and maximises the potential of its workforce and relations with employees, and encourages integration between every level of the company.