Lameplast Group, a single point of reference from concept to the finished product: the advantages of a comprehensive service.
A multi-function group with nearly 40-year background experience, millions of containers manufactured for many among the most important brands in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.
Lameplast Group provides worldwide complete, flexible and integrated services for manufacturing, filling and packaging of pharmaceutical products, medical devices as well as cosmetics, from the design of new containers to the finished product.


 Lameplast was founded
 The first single-dose plastic container in 5-piece-strip for ophtalmics
 Lameplast buys C.O.C. Farmaceutici
 the first "Packaging Oscar"
 ISO Certification
 The second "Packaging Oscar"
 The first Worldstar Oscar for Lameplast
 Another Worldstar Oscar for Lameplast
 The Lameplastgroup born
 A new Packaging Oscar
 A new plant for production of cosmetics
 LF of America is founded in USA
 Lameplast acquires the whole of C.O.C. Farmaceutici
 The Pentafill brand is launched
 Lameplast acquires 100% of LF of America
 C.O.C. Health & Beauty Division born
 The new manufacturing plant
 Ready to start again
 Multidose bottle without preservatives
 A complete line of medical device for distribution
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Lameplast SpA
Manufacturing of primary plastic containers for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

It is over  thirty-five years now that Lameplast has been closely collaborating with companies around the world to best satisfy the demanding requirements of innovative packaging solutions and new plastic materials. Each product developed by Lameplast is the result of advanced design capabilities, the use of state-of-the art technology and a thorough knowledge of the production and transformation processes of all types of plastic material. Lameplast can guarantees the highest possible quality standards at all times: all manufacturing process are carried out in a controlled contamination environment according ISO 7 (ex class 10.000) and ISO 8 (ex class 100.000) - ISO standard 14644-1, while rigorous tests and inspections are carried out Lameplast’s Quality Control Department on the entire manufacturing line. Lameplast’s Quality System has been certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001 Standard since 1995. The company is the holder of CE mark for Class I Medical Devices.

Registered Office
Via Verga 1/27
41016 Rovereto s/S
Novi di Modena (MO), Italy
Ph. +39.059.673811
Fax +39.059.671688
Commercial Dept.
Via Chiesa Sud 156/F
41016 Rovereto s/S
Novi di Modena (MO), Italy
Ph. +39.059.673911
Fax +39.059.673280
COC Farmaceutici Srl
Manufacturing, filling and packaging of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and cosmetics

COC Farmaceutici processes pharmaceuticals under permit by the Italian Ministry of Health and according to European GMP and ISO Standards. COC Farmaceutici holds all due permits for the production of  pharmaceutical products for human and veterinary use as well as medical devices, for sterile and non-sterile liquid products, in single-dose or multi-dose primary containers. it is also authorized to process high activity active ingredients.

COC Farmaceutici HEALTH & BEAUTY Division guarantees the highest standards of safety in the preparation and packaging of cosmetic products, healthcare and non sterile medical devices offering an exclusive service for manufacturing, filling and packaging of liquid products, gels and creams in single-dose and multi-dose plastic containers and can explore and develop new packaging projects. Production site certified according to ISO 13485 for the manufacturing of non sterile medical devices and by Ecocert Italia for filling and packaging of organics and natural cosmetics.

Registered Office and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Via Modena, 15
40019 Sant’Agata Bolognese (BO), Italy
Ph. +39 051.6829811
Fax +39 051.956838
Account and Commercial Offices, Health & Beauty Manufacturing
Via Chiesa Sud 156/F
41016 Rovereto s/S
Novi di Modena (MO), Italy
Ph. +39.059.673911
Fax +39.059.673280
LF of America
Formulation, product manufacturing and contract filling of cosmetics and OTC products

LF of America is the LameplastGroup US subsidiary offering turn-key solutions to the Personal Care industry. LF of America clearly exemplifies the commitment of the LameplastGroup to be present in domestic and international markets, providing quality packaging, maximum flexibility, high production capacity and a complete range of integrated services: from formulation to product manufacturing and contract filling in Lameplast unit dose packaging.

Registered Office, Manufacturing and Sales
770 Congress Ave, Suite 1120
Boca Raton, FL 33487 - USA
Ph. +1 (561) 988-0303
Fax +1 (954) 241-6873
Sede Commerciale